Maria Alejandra Barros commences her studies with an emphasis in Fashion Design at Design & Architecture Senior High, in the city of Miami, Florida, between the years 2013 and 2017.

Since then she begins to acquire knowledge and experience in the process of designing, developing patterns, construction of garments, and by the choice of the school directive, she incursions in the presentation of garments created by her in three fashion shows.

Barros starts her career at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York, receiving a scholarship based on her portfolio, showing excellence in artistic skills.

In the following year, she moved to the city of Florence, Italy through a student exchange program at Polimoda School of Fashion Design to complete her second year in Fashion Design, graduating honorably from an Associate’s Degree in Science.

In 2021 she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design, specializing in Special Occasion, with a minor in Art History. For her magnificent GPA from the beginning of her journey in the University, Barros is one of the selected students that formed the Dean’s List at FIT.
Browse Barros' Fashion Designer Portfolio for examples of her latest work and contact information. Like what you see? If you’d like to collaborate, don't hesitate to contact.
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